Born from a desperate need.

Stackless was formed out of the need for business leaders to obtain fast, granular, actionable insights from all of their data, without the hassle and unnecessary expense of managing a traditional data stack.



Nachi Mehta, CEO

Nachi Mehta serves as the CEO of Stackless Data, bringing a solid background in full-stack engineering and extensive experience in the data industry to his role. With over a decade of dedication to the field, Nachi has been instrumental in guiding Stackless towards innovative solutions in data engineering and AI technology. His practical and strategic approach has played a crucial role in integrating cutting-edge technology into the company's operations. Under Nachi's leadership, Stackless Data continues to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of data-driven solutions, emphasizing a balance between technological advancements and real-world business needs.

Nachi Mehta

Fritz Rollins, COO

Fritz Rollins, COO of Stackless Data, leverages over two decades of experience in operations and startup environments within the technology sector. His extensive background is marked by a proven track record of successfully scaling fast-growing business models, where he has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to drive both revenue growth and cost savings. Fritz's strategic acumen and operational expertise have played a pivotal role in shaping Stackless Data's trajectory, ensuring efficiency and sustainable growth.

Fritz Rollins

Founder's Story

Nachi and Fritz met while consulting fast-growing retail companies. Nachi was building an AI recommendation engine and Fritz was helping them set up their business operations. They talked about having to do essentially the same projects over and over for their clients. They knew that with Nachi's technical background, and Fritz's operational background, they could create a product that allowed them to systematize the data engineering space so that business leaders wouldn’t have to reinvent the data stack for their own use cases.

We’ve been working with Stackless since 2021 and have found the experience to be extremely positive. Not only has Stackless made managing our data warehouse and infrastructure easier, it has also been cost effective in the long run. The customer service is top-notch and their team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met.
Key DeVaughn
Key DeVaughn
VP of Technology, Outdoor Voices
Stackless are true thought partners that helped us not only think through our data strategy, but also provided us with capable resources to execute that strategy. They partnered seamlessly with our teams. In fact, they just felt like they were a part of our team.
Benny Joseph
Benny Joseph
CTO, Allbirds
Stackless completely changed the game when it came to our data team. Stackless helped us reduce our costs dramatically while still keeping pace with the increasing demand for data analytics services. As a result, the quality of our analytics has increased, and we now have the data insights we need to make better business decisions.
Kevin Harwood
Kevin Harwood
CTO, Tecovas